Messages Interrupted 006

Messages Interrupted 006


8 thoughts on “Messages Interrupted 006

  1. Thanks again for liking another of my cartoons. I appreciate it! Say, why am I the only person commenting on your work? It is really good, and I would expect a lot more people commenting.
    Well, you built it, and hopefully they will come!

    • Thank you! I’m just getting started with my blog, so I guess it takes time. Several people have “liked” the posts, so this is encouraging! I’m posting just the artwork without the story/postcard correspondence on my Pinterest site, so there are a few more images there. I have 111 cards for each series completed and will be posting them, hopefully one or two per day, then starting on posting the next series. I really enjoy your comics—this is why I started drawing these postcards in the first place, before they became the back stories for my fantasy novels, so I could eventually draw comics/graphic novels. You are way ahead of me!

      • It takes a while to get started, and getting people to notice you and your blog. I was on here forever before I got any followers! In fact, I just figured out how to search for interesting blogs in the last couple of months! I couldn’t even figure out how or where people were seeing my posts! I still have not seen any of my posts under my tag subjects-so it is still like magic that anyone sees each other!

        You are writing graphic novels and fantasy stories? What type of fantasy/ comics do you like? I am a Star Trek fan, and like marvel and dc comics, even though that I am way past the age to be reading them. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your encouragement! Yes, I have three fantasy novels written in a five-book series which are not yet published. I have several more series planned and one of these will be a three-book graphic novel series (I hope!). I won’t start working on those books for a few years, so my postcards are preliminary steps towards becoming a graphic artist. I realize I will probably need to take courses in graphic arts, too. My husband and I are big Star Trek fans and love the Marvel and DC comics. Age limit? For comics? No way! 🙂

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