Lynn Cecil

Bio: I am a writer and an artist. I mostly paint in oils on canvas, but two years ago, I started drawing again, with Sharpies. I became addicted to making postcards—adding bits of paper and splatters of watercolour, while I ‘listen’ to TV at night. I have been working on a series of fantasy books called The Inkmarked Chronicles and wondered what the ancestors of my characters would be like, since so many of them influence the alternative worlds that I am creating. I already knew one of the first characters from the early 1800s would be Phinneous Finn (a Cold Philosopher and a Raiven), then I realized one day, that Beauty Ether, a (Speller and a Silken), would be his girlfriend and theirs would be the first correspondence in “Their Unusual Correspondence.” Each series has 111 postcards and there are two series per correspondence. I hope to create thousands of cards over the next decade or so—I have hundreds finished and am just getting started. I hope people will enjoy reading my work—the ‘back stories’ to my stories that may end up being books themselves. http://www.lynncecil.com

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  1. Thank you! I have stories, poems, articles, and a travel anthology (which I co-edited) published, but I have not had my postcards published. One day, I’d like to have them published as e-books and in print. For now, I am posting them with the (first draft) of the correspondence at WordPress. I am writing the correspondence weekly, but the images are finished, so it is really fun to be creating a dialogue between two characters knowing that everything they do influences the characters in my fantasy book series that I am also currently writing/editing. Again—thank you so much for your kind feedback!

    • Wonderful stuff, I really would love to know when you get some of the postcards published in print – they are just that rare, magical, beautiful concept that I’d love to have on my bookshelf 🙂 For now, I will continue to enjoy them on here – gorgeous stuff! Thankyou so much for sharing 🙂 🙂

      • To make life more colorful and less boring I decided to create some sort of unusual projects. One of them is photo exhibitions. I organized three exhibitions of photos of people from abroad in a cafe of my home town of Belgorod, Russia. I met those people via WordPress.

        But placing “just photos” is boring. So invited four people to take part in my Seasons exhibition (one haiku per picture – e.g.: April- a haiku on spring, flowers, etc.). I am working on it now.

        I was so impressed with your idea of the postacrds (in the beginning of this year I sent several dozens postcards with my photos all over the world) that I would like to create an exhibition of your works. 10 -12 postcards will be enough. I will add translation into Russian, make a poster describing your project, etc.

        There is no commercial purpose – just fun. To present others something what I personally find unique.

        My e-mail is in About Me page – feel free to contact there and ask any questions.

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